Author Bio

Joanna Branson has been telling stories all of her life, perfecting her skills enough during the teen years to avoid getting in trouble for ditching class and dating bad boys.

College found Joanna developing an interest in all forms of composition, especially creative endeavors. A side effect of spending too much time in academia was a 10-year stint in 8th grade- as a teacher. There, Joanna discovered a love for YA fiction, and a dislike for raising other people’s kids.

Making tracks for the beaches of Southern California, Joanna escaped middle school classrooms to become an author. I a quest for strong female role models, she delved through historical accounts in search of feminine names. She found an entire tribe of amazing women, spanning every culture and several centuries, many of whom have become key characters in her historical fiction for young adults.

While wandering through history in her mind, Joanna keeps her hold on reality and the present by ghostwriting textbooks and “how-to” books, and writing and publishing articles on health and alternative medicine topics.

Strong Minds Publishing is Joanna’s newest endeavor, an independent electronic publishing company which currently has four projects in various stages of production.

Joanna can be reached by email at

You can also follow her @JBranson_Author on Twitter!


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