30-day Countdown to Nanowrimo!

With 30 days left until November 1st, I’m madly planning and outlining the story that has been haunting my brain for about 2 years. Each of the past two Novembers, I planned to write the story and get it out of my head, but each November found me busy- first moving my true love to southern CA to start a life together, and the next November actually marrying him!

So this is the year that I finally write Carlota’s Journey, a YA historical novel which will, hopefully, un-silence a voice that has been silenced for far too long! This month will be spent fleshing out a working outline, researching Chemehuevi culture, and refining my craft in preparation for the big event: Nanowrimo 2012!

Finally Getting Up To Speed

I have been meaning to establish my voice through a blog for months now. Finally, I’m getting on track and up to speed. My intention is to post here several times weekly, focusing on YA fiction, historical fiction, writing through trauma, electronic publishing, and whatever else comes to my mind and my voice. I hope you’ll join me here often, and I’d love to hear from you as well. Leave a comment if you are so moved; interactivity is the best part of the blogosphere!

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